every day people. unique perspective.

Life. From a different point of view.

Whether it's someone struggling with homelessness, an at-risk child, someone from a different culture, or your next-door neighbor...

Title: Legendary
Quote: “I randomly noticed this when I was
scooting with the boys—I had meant
to take a picture of the flag with the
Warren Tavern sign and then noticed
that the Monument was also in view,
which was such a good surprise and
created the perfect iconic trifecta.
That’s the best part about our
neighborhood, there really are so
many beautiful and historic sights at
every turn.”
Title: Lyric on the Swings
Why: The smile on her face was right after she fell
off of the steps. I helped pick her up
and asked her to come swing with me and she put her head down and smiled and I took a picture of her.

The purpose of the Through Our Eyes Project is three-fold:

camera_return_1 (10)
Provide hope for those who are hurting.


Everyone deserves to be loved, including the photographers who volunteer to participate with the project.

Provide joy in creating art.


We want the photographers to feel the gratification that comes with being part of something bigger than they are.

Provide awareness & support.


We want communities to engage with different groups of people, learn how to love them and support organizations who serve them.

The cameras are disposable.

The People Are Not.

Through Our Eyes Book.

Communities through the eyes of the homeless. Order a copy of this coffee table book, and help the project reach more communities with a story to tell.


Learn More About Our Projects.

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Get Involved.

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