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This is the project that started it all. When we initially pitched the idea to people in the community, some were skeptical that there were even 100 people struggling with homelessness to give a camera to. That confirmed why the project needed to happen. At the time, there were 90 residents in the local shelter alone and an estimated 500 more dealing with homelessness. The project was received warmly by the photographers and the community. We've seen lives changed, struggles battled and hearts broken.


1st Place

</br>The Love is Good by Annette Barnett
</br>“We had a prayer time out back at the mission one night and I came up with the idea for the photo. We are all family here. I don’t see colors or nationalities; we are all equal. And the love. The love is good.”

“The Love is Good” by Annette Barnett

Annette staged this shot after a Bible study at the rescue mission. She said that she didn't see skin colors or nationalities and added that the love among the homeless women at the shelter was good and special. So many people have been inspired by the optimism and sentiment in the photo. Annette has a wonderful heart and were very proud of her for winning the contest. She will receive some prizes that she picks out to help with her new residence.

2nd Place

</br>Out of Nowhere by Ray Kelly
</br>“Many homeless people have multiple spots, this is one of them. They might have a place they stay on one side of town and another somewhere else. This will let people know that with the homeless rate in Spartanburg - people have to survive the best way they can. If that means sleeping under a truck or in a car, or a mattress in the woods, so be it.”

“Out of Nowhere”
by Ray Kelly

Ray had arguably the best roll of film out of the 46 that were returned to us. Three of his photos made it to the finals, but he had another three that just missed the cut. Ray's photo of the mattress in the woods was probably the most shocking of all the entries as it showed the community something that most would never see in their own. Let's pray that this scene never needs to get used again.

3rd Place


“Happy As Can Be” by Robert Aldridge

What drew people to this photo was the woman's quiet confidence and strength. What drew Robert to this photo was his desire to see through this woman's eyes. He knew her from the soup kitchen, but wanted to know more about her life and the things she did.



Thank You To Our Curators!

Luke Connell - Chief Communications Officer, The Palladian Group

Brandon Pendred - Graphic Designer/Showroom Manager, Spartan Photo Center

Tom Priddy - Assistant Managing Editor, Digital, at the Herald-Journal

Beth Rutherford - Executive Director, Spartanburg Interfaith Hospitality Network

Jason Williamson - Creator, Through Our Eyes Project