• Charlestown, MA

JD Mangrum is the pastor of Christ Church Charlestown, but had previously lived in Greenville, SC and was aware of the Through Our Eyes Project. Charlestown, Boston's oldest neighborhood, does not have a significant homeless population, but it did have lots of neighbors who could come together for a great project. With the idea of neighborhood engagement in mind, Through Our Eyes came to Charlestown for the first time in 2019. 80 disposable cameras were passed out and the photographers captured incredible images of the neighborhood they shared. At the exhibition, many people were meeting for the very first time even though they passed each other on the street every single day.

Thank You To Our Curators!

Jason Williamson - Creator, Through Our Eyes Project

JD Mangrum - Pastor, Christ Church Charlestown

Bobby Powers - Neighbor

Kim Douglas - Realtor, Charlestown

Pat McSweeney - Artist, Stove Factory Gallery