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  • Kampala, Uganda

Through Our Eyes has partnered with Benjamin House Ministries for our first international project. Benjamin House focuses on removing the barriers that keep families apart. Through child sponsorships, transitional homes and empowerment programs, they seek to make a generational difference in Uganda.

Together, we gave 100 disposable cameras to children in their sponsorship program and also to homeless children who live on the streets by themselves. The photographers were so excited to receive a camera and the opportunity to show the world what their life is like in the largest slums in Kampala. The photos they captured elicit a variety of emotions. They are gripping, saddening, joyful and beautiful.

Benjamin House will be displaying these images both in Kampala and in the United States to drive awareness about their life-altering programs and to give these wonderful child photographers a voice.


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Thank You To Our Curators!

Jason Williamson - Creator, Through Our Eyes Project

Keri Rowland - Board member, Through Our Eyes Project

Roxanne Baker - Chairperson, Benjamin House Ministries

Ashton Sherrin - US Representative, Benjamin House Ministries

Bucky Rogers - Founder, Benjamin House Ministries